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Power Wash Pros is a small family owned and operated company. While we’re a small company with low overhead, which means more savings for you, we strive to be the best in the area. We GUARANTEE to beat any competitors written price, plus the quality and attention to detail of our work shows we mean business and sets us apart from the rest.

Power Wash Pros has serviced over 10,000 customers. We carry all proper licensing and we’re insured. We specialize in pressure washing decks, fences, siding, brick, concrete and more. We also offer deck repair, window and gutter cleaning services. All of our services are designed to maximize your home’s appearance and value.

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At Power Wash Pros we specialize in Residential Pressure Washing. If you are looking to remove mildew and dirt from your siding.


Pressure washing is a vital part of regular and ongoing exterior property maintenance that will add years of life to your exterior surfaces.

Roof Cleaning

Moss and other organic buildups on your roof not only promote water retention and rotting of your roof, but they also hold onto water and freeze during the winter, doing possible irreparable damage!


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What Are The Major Benefits Of Power Washing?
  • Pressure washing prevents damage and permanent discoloration by keeping siding, foundation, paint, and roofing free of debris.
  • Pressure washing helps to prime surfaces. If you are planning to paint or stain, pressure washing first will remove all the dirt and debris, allowing for a higher quality painting or staining experience.
  • Allergens accumulate on the outside of your home, pressure washing removes these allergens. Dust, mold, mildew, pollen, etc.  Removing wear and tear adds to the overall life expectancy of your property.
  • Pressure washing your home and surrounding walkways and driveways restores curb appeal and can increase property value. Regular pressure washing keeps your home looking great, especially if you like to entertain outdoors.
What is a Soft-Wash?

Soft washing is a safer, non-pressure alternative that doesn’t utilize the same destructive high pressure spray of water in order to remove contaminants from a surface. Soft washing utilizes a non-pressure application of specifically formulated chemical cleaning solutions that allow us to kill off and remove any harmful contaminants that might be eating away at your home’s exterior surfaces. Because of these special cleaning solutions, soft washing is able to eliminate the problem at its source, as opposed to just washing away the top layer, providing you with a long term solution to keep these annoying growths from coming back.

What is Gloeocapsa Magma?

Gloeocapsa Magma cells feed on the limestone used to manufacture asphalt shingles. When roof stains grow and spread, this is an indication that Gloeocapsa Magma cells are multiplying on your roof, feasting on the core limestone ingredients and destroying the integrity of your roof’s shingles. If left unattended, these cells can damage your roof to the point that you will need an expensive roof replacement.

How often should I clean the exterior surfaces?

Power washing experts agree that you should engage in a professional house wash at least twice a year. House washing keeps mold, mildew, and bacteria from breaking down the structure of your home and keeps it in the best shape possible throughout the year.

The best way to keep your home in tiptop shape is to ensure your home is cleaned throughout the year by signing up for our “set it and forget it” service. This provides homeowners the most cost savings. By paying a small monthly subscription you save money and are guaranteed a regular annual or quarterly service without the hassle of scheduling. Stop paying the high cost for those “one time” single services and get the special a membership rate.


How much are house cleaning services?

The average cost for power washing is $0.18 to $0.35 per square foot, and your total price will depend on the size/needs of the job. On average soft-washing a house costs between $200 to $400, while pressure washing a deck or driveway ranges from $150 to $350.  

As you can see this added cost to keep your home exterior in Pristine condition can seem costly, especially if you like to entertain outdoors. That is why we now offer membership options for a annual/quaretly service.  By signing up for our subscription service, members pay a small montly fee and their home stays looking good all year. Set it and forget it!